You are in Anaheim. You are starving. WHAT DO YOU DO?!

There are many great restaurants in Anaheim. I have compiled this list of restaurants based on their proximity to Disneyland, WorldMark Anaheim, and Dolphin's Cove.

I'd love to hear about YOUR favorite restaurant! At the bottom of this page you'll find a place where you can share what you love about your favorite restaurant in Anaheim. Click here to jump there now!

What Anaheim restaurants are near Disneyland?

Food at Disneyland is pricey. If you'd rather not eat at one of the Disneyland restaurants, simply get your hand stamped, and venture over to Downtown Disney or to one of the nearby restaurants.

There are a few Anaheim restaurants that are an easy walking distance from Disneyland and California Adventure. If you want more options, you can take the ART shuttle to the Gardenway Mall, which is conveniently located near the WorldMark Anaheim (Click to jump to the list of restaurants near WorldMark Anaheim), for those of you who are also staying there...I can just picture it now: lunch, then a NAP! :D

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Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen (1590 South disneyland Drive, Anaheim, CA (714) 776-5200)
"Jazz on over to the Jazz Kitchen, a savvy representation of New Orleans’ dual legacies – food and music." - From the owner

"great atmosphere, good service, bad food " - ... "Overpriced, Bad Food and the Service was horrible" - ... " "Great Mexican Food, Upscale Sportsbar & Lounge Under One Roof" " - ... " Superior Southern food and fantastic decor" - ... "The food was extremely overpriced" - ... " Excellent restaurant" -

House of Blues Anaheim (1530 S Disneyland Dr, Anaheim, CA (714) 778-2583)

"Nice atmosphere, so-so food " - ... "The food was really bad and the service was horrible" - ... " Excellent place to have a meal" - ... " Portion size is just right and the atmosphere is top notch" - ... " This food is awful!" - ... " Great food, great service, and a great venue" - ... " Awesome food" -

Rainforest Cafe - Anaheim (1515 South Disneyland Drive, Anaheim, CA (714) 772-0413)

"The Rainforest Cafe restaurant in Anaheim has great food, interesting decor, and decent service" - ... " The food is over priced and the service is horrible" - ... " Good food prices for an overall enjoyable experience" - ... " Decor, Fun Atmosphere, Giftshop" - ... "Terrible beer and wine list" -

Mimi's Cafe (1400 South Harbor Boulevard, Anaheim, CA (714) 956-2223)
Katy's opinion: I love Mimi's! This is one of my favorite restaurants in Anaheim. We ate here the last time we visited California Adventure. I've also eaten at two of their other locations -- Santa Clarita and Glendale. I usually order the Bleu Cheese & Walnut entree salad with the carrot raisin muffin, plus a strawberry lemonade.

"Great food and service!" - ... "It was a very frustrating experience and I will never eat there again" - ... " Best place to go: Great service, excellant food, even better prices" - ... " can't say enough good things: Great meal, great service, wonderful atmosphere" -

Catal Restaurant & Uva Bar (1580 South Disneyland Dr # 106, Anaheim, CA (714) 774-4442)

"Excellent food, nice ambience, fairly expensive restaurant in Anaheim" - ... " Mediocre food, long wait if you want to eat inside, overpriced " - ... " Absolutely delicious, and excellent service to boot" - ... "Reasonably priced restaurant in Anaheim for great service and food" - ... " Absolutely amazing food" - ... " Start off bad" -

Napa Rose Restaurant (1600 South Disneyland Drive, Anaheim, CA (714) 300-7170)

"Great Mexican Food, Upscale Sportsbar & Lounge Under One Roof" " - ... " Great Food, great service" - ... "Bad Service, Over priced entree " - ... " Wonderful service, elegant atmosphere" - ... " The atmosphere is great as is the food!" - ... " Exceptional service, delicious food, great atmosphere" -

Millie's Restaurant & Bakery (1480 South Harbor Boulevard, Anaheim, CA (714) 535-6892)

"We experienced great food, service and the price was awesome" - ... "Can be crowded and the service is slow then" - ... "Service was great and the prices were reasonable" - ... "Their food is good, their service is very friendly and family style" - ... "It is very neat and clean" -

Naples Ristorante & Pizzeria (1550 South Disneyland Dr # 101, Anaheim, CA (714) 776-6200)

"Good food", "Good service" - ... "I was disappointed at the prices as compared to the quality of food" - ... " The food is generally good and they have a decent wine selection" - ... " Enjoyable atmosphere, excellent food, and great customer service" -

Tony Roma (1640 S Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, CA (714) 520-0200)

"The food is excellent, the portions generous, the service is always good" - ... "Food just ok, service below par" - ... "The prices are reasonable and the staff is friendly" - ... "Inexpensively priced meal and good portion sizes" - ... "It's ok but not as good as.." - ... "Nice quick fix!" -

What restaurants in Anaheim are near WoldMark Anaheim?

Just across from Worldmark Anaheim is the Garden Walk where you'll find a number of popular restaurants in Anaheim including PF Chang's, The Cheesecake Factory, Johnny Rocket's, California Pizza Kitchen, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., Bar Louie Tavern & Grill, Roy's Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine, FiRE + iCE, McCormick's & Schmick's Grille, and Pop the Cork Wine Bar.

Need to satisfy your sweet tooth? Amid all of these restaurants at the Garden Walk, you'll find Fuzziwig's Candy Factory, the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, and of course The Cheesecake Factory! (Isn't that funny that all three dessert restaurants in Anaheim are called "factory"?)

You'll also find a 7-11 about a block away to get your Slurpee fix.

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Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. (321 West Katella Avenue, Anaheim, CA (714) 635-4867)
"Directly on Katella Ave. and steps from parking, the family will love our casual style and excellent menu." - From the owner

"Really friendly service!!!" - ... " "Great Mexican Food, Upscale Sportsbar & Lounge Under One Roof" " - ... "Beer was expensive" - ... " Good solid food, great drinks, great staff " - ... " The service was spectacular" - ... "The food is great at wonderfully affordable prices" - ... "The food was terrific" -

P.F. Chang's China Bistro (321 W Katella Ave. Suite 120 #120, Anaheim, CA (714) 507-2021)
"P.F. Chang’s China Bistro is a stylish, high-energy restaurant that combines traditional & modern Chinese cuisine with genuine hospitality to create a truly unique dining experience." - From the owner

"Great Location, Good atmosphere/service, BUT mediocre food " - ... "The staff was rude, it was as loud as a sports bar inside, and the foo " - ... "The staff was nice and the meal was amazing" - ... "Great Food But... " - ... "Disappointing " - ... "Why do you like to eat at such a horrid place?" -

California Pizza Kitchen (321 W Katella Ave # 104, Anaheim, CA (714) 991-0305)

"Our food was brought out quickly too" - ... "Salad portions are large; so keep in mind that you can get a half-order" - ... "You can also design your own" - ... "Another Asian option, the crisp Chinese chicken salad, is satisfying" - ... "Sub par CPK. No bread and.." -

McCormick & Schmick's Grille (321 West Katella Avenue, Anaheim, CA (714) 535-9000)
"Our "Fresh List" menu is updated twice daily with dozens of seafood varieties, a selection of beef, pasta and poultry options. Visit our lively bar, where our bartenders practice traditional mixology." - From the owner

"Service is dependable, fair at best" - ... " This was one of the worst meals I've had for the price" - ... "Decor/service are welcoming" - ... "Prices are reasonable" - ... " Service hit or miss as are the oysters" - ... " Casual, Elegant " - ... " Best happy-hour downtown" - ... " Very pleasant ambiance" -

Johnny Rockets (321 West Katella Avenue #320, Anaheim, CA (714) 491-1800)

"Rude Manager " - ... "The one at the Block in Orange has a much larger food portion" - ... "I went here with my family" - ... "After going to the theatre, the manager there would not validate our ticket" -

Roy's Anaheim (321 West Katella Avenue, Anaheim, CA (714) 776- 7697)
"Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine promises one of the most unique fine dining experiences available. Escape to paradise and experience the finest cuisine deliciously wrapped in a Hawaiian state of mind." - From the owner

"Great food and service!" - ... "But, for an expensive upscale place -- boy is it loud in there" - ... "We love Roy's. Great food and wonderful service" - ... "The food and service were both top notch" - ... "And now they offer $5 happy hour deals?" - ... "Roy's new downtown location is amazing!!" -

Fire & Ice Grill & Bar (321 W Katella Ave, Anaheim, CA (714) 808-9757)

"Great drinks and atmosphere !!!! " - ... "This place is terrible, the service was awful" - ... "Great selection of food a.." - ... "Nice atmosphere" - ... "Looking for a Great Dining Experience at a Reasonable Price?" - ... "Great selection of food and sauces" - ... "What a waste of money.." -

Bar Louie Tavern & Grill (321 W Katella Ave # 212, Anaheim, CA (714) 495-4170)

"Great food, great people, great happy hour, whats not to love" - ... "Probably the worst resturaunt experience I have ever had" - ... "Pretty good place to grab some drinks and appetizers" - ... "Good Drinks and Food " - ... "This place has great food and a variety of drinks!" -

Pop the Cork Wine Bar (321 W. Katella Ave. #305, Anaheim, CA (714) 635-4321)
"Pop the Cork is a premier wine bar, lounge and boutique located in the Anaheim Resort. 40 to 50 wines by the glass and another 150 wines by the bottle. Cheers!" - From the owner

"Great place for top notch service" - ... "Desperately needs help!!" - ... "It just opened recently in July. I was very impressed with the overall ambiance" - ... "Great selection " - ... "Great Wine Bar. Beautiful Mahogany wine racks and great selection" - ... "It's a fun lounge and cozy" -

Gandhi Palace (515 West Katella Avenue, Anaheim, CA (714) 808- 6777)

"great food, good service, not crowded " - ... "Cons: Service, Food/Facility Inspection Report; got sick the next day " - ... "Good food, good portions, big bill" - ... "Trust me, this is not "fine dining"" - ... "Another good example of poor Indian service" - ... "Food is decidedly average" -

Ming Delight (409 West Katella Avenue, Anaheim, CA (714) 758- 0978)

"There didn't seem to be a "real" Chinese restaurant around so I gave this place a try. Food was average for Chinese food but much more fresher than nearby take-out/fastfood Chinese food. The value for the buck isn't up to par though."?

IHOP Restaurant (1840 South Harbor Boulevard, Anaheim, CA (714) 663-1600)

"Great pancakes and sausage" - ... "The meal was not worth the money and spoiled the whole dinner" - ... "Thank you so much" - ... "The service is very slow" - ... "We felt ripped off " - ... " Not going back!: First of all, it took forever to get our to-go food" - ... "I am defn not going back there" -

Cheesecake Factory (321 West Katella Avenue # 100, Anaheim, CA (714) 533-7500)

"Good Food, Good Service " - ... "Also, since it was one BIG room it was extremely noisy" - ... "Good food, not so good service " - ... "She seemed to enjoy her meal" - ... "The decor and setting was nice and beautiful" - ... "Moist and Flakey. The only downside for me, it w.." - ... "Best locale in OC " -

Fuzziwig's Candy Factory (321 West Katella Avenue, Anaheim, CA (714) 956-1970)

"Jeebus H. This place is nuts! Filled to the brim with candy - it's like a sugar addict's paradise. They've got anything you could possibly ask for - tried and true favorites, bulk candies, retro candies, foreign candies, candy cigarettes too! (I thought no one made those ..."? ?

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (321 West Katella Avenue, Suite 129, Anaheim, CA (714) 533-3261)
"Chocolate-boxed, bulk & storemade. 30+ kinds of caramel apples. Ice cream. Candy. Gift baskets. School & other fundraisers. Located in Anaheim Gardenwalk, near Anaheim Convention Center & Disneyland." - From the owner

"I came here to buy a valentines day gift, I called ahead to verify that they had white chocolate covered strawberries, the employee on the phone they had some and when I arrived they said they had sold out, i was kind of annoyed but the girl said they could have some for me in 15 minutes. The staff was friendly, and the prices are moderate for a chocolate store. They have a lot of sugar free chocolate."

"I had the Best triple dip carmel apple from this place. It had just the right amount of Carmel to apple. Yummy is all I thought when I eating it."

What restaurants in Anaheim are near Dolphin's Cove?

You'll find everything to awesome steak houses to fast food, walking distance from the Dolphin’s Cove resort.

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Ruth's Chris Steak House (2041 South Harbor Boulevard, Anaheim, CA (714) 750-5466)

"Good food / Good service.." - ... "Food was not as superb as the server described them to be" - ... " "Enjoy delicious, homemade italian dishes in San Clemente" " - ... "Pretty good food--great steak, though!" - ... "Excellent food, staff and decor" - ... "Very nice atmosphere" - ... "Very good service" -

Morton's The Steakhouse (1895 South Harbor Boulevard, Anaheim, CA (714) 621-0101)

"Pros: Service, Food, Ambience" - ... "Overall I was very disappointed with the steak at Morton's" - ... " Extraordinary steaks and dishes, attentive staff " - ... "Excellent in every way, food, service and ambiance" - ... " Good steaks, salad, baked potato" - ... " Always great food" -

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. (321 West Katella Avenue, Anaheim, CA (714) 635-4867)

"Really friendly service!!!" - ... " "Great Mexican Food, Upscale Sportsbar & Lounge Under One Roof" " - ... "Beer was expensive" - ... " Good solid food, great drinks, great staff " - ... " The service was spectacular" - ... "The food is great at wonderfully affordable prices" - ... "The food was terrific" -

Buca di Beppo (11757 Harbor Boulevard, Garden Grove, CA (714) 740-2822)

"Great food & portions, Friendly service!, Value for your $$ " - ... "Homesick for your mother's Italian cooking?" - ... " Great food in a casual and freindly atmosphere" - ... "Mediocre Italian food; best decor " - ... "Atmosphere, great, food delectable, service superb" - ... "good service" -

Vito's Pizz (630 Orangewood Avenue, Anaheim, CA (714) 971-1800)

"Good Italian food like mom and pop style that you and your family would love" - ... "Amazing Homemade Italian Food " - ... "The food is delicious and is served super fast" - ... "This is a great hole-in-the-wall italian restaurant" -

Denny's (2080 S Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, CA (714) 750-5120)

"And somewhat indigestible" - ... "I love being able to walk in at 3:15am and order a full meal" - ... "Just follow the smell of burning fat" - ... "It's empowering!" - ... "I just simply love Denny's restaurants" - ... "Plastic is good for you - it has less calories" - ... "Thank you, Denny's!" -

Taco Bell (2144 South Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, CA (714) 638-3429)

Carl's Jr (2119 South Harbor Boulevard, Anaheim, CA (714) 971- 5641)

Normally I don't care for the production line type fast food places, but Carl's is in a class by itself. They use fresh ingredients (no mystery meat in their burgers). They are clean, and have plenty of parking. You can drive through or go inside. If you go inside, they have a modest salad bar which can make for a nice meal or meal accompianment. The food is excellent, and the prices affordable for a young family on a budget. Try their "Baked Potatoes". -

Jack in the Box (2210 S Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, CA (714) 740-1131)

a great big 5 stars to for the best breakfast sandwich ever! the supreme croissant is truly a gift from the breakfast gods! add jack to the list with tony the tiger, snap crackle & and pop, cap n crunch, trix rabbit and all those childhood greats. the best thing about this sandwich is you can get it all day long, yay! -

A Restaurant in Anaheim that is NOT near Disneyland, WorldMark Anaheim, or Dolphin's Cove that you MUST try!

While compiling this list of restaurants in Anaheim, I noticed a Southern California FAVORITE that is about 4 or 5 miles away from the Disneyland resort area. So,it's not walking distance. I'm assuming you have a car.

In-N-Out Burger (600 South Brookhurst Street, Anaheim, CA (800) 786-1000)

"Simple menu, great food" - ... "Service is fast, and I am embarrassed to say I wolfed down two of these puppies!" - ... "The burgers are wonderful and the fries are the best anywhere" - ... "Friendly and helpful service" - ... "This is by far the best of the fast food burger chains" -

In-N-Out Burger is unique to Southern California. Thank God they're also relatively close to Disneyland. (I mean, your Disneyland vacation would really be complete without In-N-Out!)

It is the ONLY fast food I will eat. Actually, I HATE fast food because I LOVE my health, but I am always up for In-N-Out!

In-N-Out is NOT a corporate chain. It's not even a franchise. It has been family run since 1948. There have been many wanna-be imitators along the way, and In-N-Out has sued everybody who has tried to copy their simple formula for success: Fresh, high-quality food, simple menu, served fast.

What does this mean? Unlike EVERY other fast food place, In-N-Out does not pack mystery "additives," "fillers," and "preservatives" into your hamburger. And they hand-cut their fries, right there on the spot.

My best friend used to work at a french fry factory. You would not believe what a standard fast food restaurant fry goes through between the potato and your mouth. Trust me, it is disgusting and involves numerous chemicals that those of us outside of the food science industry cannot pronounce or identify.

So, if you've never been to an In-N-Out before, do yourself a big favor and go!

PS. There are a few versions of their hamburgers that are not on the menu. My favorite? An "animal style" cheeseburger, which means they add sauteed onions.

Secret burger variations:

  • Double Meat - Two 100% pure beef patties, hand-leafed lettuce, tomato, spread, with or without onions, stacked high on a freshly baked bun.
  • 3 x 3 - Three 100% pure beef patties, hand-leafed lettuce, tomato, spread, three slices of American cheese, with or without onions, stacked high on a freshly baked bun.
  • 4 x 4 - Four 100% pure beef patties, hand-leafed lettuce, tomato, spread, Four slices of American cheese, with or without onions, stacked high on a freshly baked bun.
  • Grilled Cheese - Two slices of melted American cheese, hand-leafed lettuce, tomato, spread, with or without onions on a freshly baked bun.
  • Protein Style - Your favorite burger wrapped in hand-leafed lettuce, instead of a bun.
  • Animal Style - Burger of your choice with hand-leafed lettuce, tomato, a mustard cooked beef patty; add pickle, extra spread, with grilled onions.
  • X by Y - X patties and Y slices of cheese. A change in policy recently has limited the amount of meat and cheese per burger to 4 each. Prior to the change, there was no limit but the maximum number of patties and cheese ever bought was a 100x100.
  • In-N-Out's 100x100 In-N-Out's 100x100

  • Veggie Burger - A sandwich containing only vegetables, without meat or cheese.
  • Sliced Chillies - Mild, pickled chopped peppers are added to the burger.
  • Flying Dutchman - Two meat patties with two slices of American cheese between them. This style comes with no bun, no lettuce, and no tomatoes.
  • Mustard and/or Ketchup instead of spread.
  • Half-and-Half - Your burger is cut in half.

Secret french Fry variations:

  • Fries "Light" - Decreased cooking time for a softer product.
  • Fries "Well" - Increased cooking time for a crispier product.
  • Fries "Extra-Well" - Further increased cooking time for a very crispy product.
  • "Animal Fries" - Melted cheese, spread, and grilled onions.
  • Cheese fries - Fries with cheese

Secret beverage variations:

  • Root beer floats
  • "Lemon-Up" — a mixture of lemonade and 7 Up.
  • Lemonade/Tea mix — known as an "Arnold Palmer", a mixture of iced tea and lemonade.
  • Choco-Vanilla Swirl shake — a mixture of vanilla and chocolate flavors
  • Neapolitan shake — a mixture of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry flavors
  • "Large" shake and "Extra Large" shake. Large is a medium drink cup, Extra Large is a Large Drink Cup.

What are YOUR favorite (or most hated) restaurants in Anaheim?

Do you have an amazing restaurant in Anaheim to recommend? Was the food unbelievably awesome, the service fast and friendly, and the price reasonable?

Or did you find a restaurant in Anaheim that you would NEVER go to again? Was the food GROSS (or worse, make you SICK), the service sloooow, and the prices outrageous?

This is your chance to advise other Disneyland vacationers. To what restaurant in Anaheim should they DEFINITELY go? And what restaurant should they AVOID like the Plague?

(Note: If you upload more than one image, each will appear as a thumbnail image in the submission. Each thumbnail is clickable, to show it as a larger image.)

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Osaka Teriyaki & BBQ Not rated yet
Osaka Teriyaki & BBQ is a pretty good place to get inexpensive sushi. It's casual and clean. They're located at 2016 E Lincoln Ave., Anaheim, CA 92806. …

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If you're looking for a great pizza place, and are tired of places like Dominoes or Pizza Hut, then Shakey's Pizza Parlor is the place to go. The one …

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