You are at Downtown Disney. You are starving. WHAT DO YOU DO?!

There are some amazing Downtown Disney restaurants that are just waiting for you take a break from buyiing your Disney souvenirs. I have compiled this list of Disney World restaurants in and around Downtown Disney, complete with addresses, phone numbers, and reviews. Happy eating!

If you're visiting the Magic Kingdom, take a look at my reviews for restaurants INSIDE Disney World's Magic Kingdom and OUTSIDE Disney World's Magic Kingdom.

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What Disney World restaurants are in Downtown Disney?

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Paradiso 37 (1590 East Buena Vista Drive, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830 (407) 934-3700)

"Special Features:Great for Outdoor Dining, Scenic View " - ... "It was our first time, the food was bland not tasty" - ... "Had a very nice meal at P... " - ... "The view was great and a nice place overall" - ... "Special Features:Fit for Foodies, Great for Outdoor Dining, Scenic View " -

"'37' refers to the 37 countries in the Americas that inspired Paradiso 37's menu. That's a bit of a stretch, but the menu is still varied and imaginative. Shrimp ceviche was an excellent starter with lime juice, spicy tomato sauce, cucumbers and sliced avocado. Boy, I love avocados!" - Tom B, Orlando FL

"My friend had the pineapple burger with fries (he said it was great)...only complaint was that he asked for the burger to be cooked medium I believe and it came out well done. Didn't send it back or say anything but the server (Matt?) noticed that it wasn't cooked right apologized and offered to fix it on the fly. My friend declined...wasn't that big of a deal. The server was great and made the next drink on the house for the inconvenience. He always on top of game...and that was appreciated. Thanks for the great service." - Justin N, Orlando FL

"The dessert that looked best was the 4 cones - which were mini-cones of ice cream....great set-up presentation and perfect size to share." - Edward B, Northridge CA

Raglan Road Irish Pub & Restaurant (1640 East Buena Vista Drive, Lake Buena Vista, FL (407) 938-0300)
"Find the perfect gift to celebrate your Irish heritage or the fun time you spent at Raglan Road Irish Pub & Restaurant." - From the owner

"Good food, large draft beer selection, great service" - ... "Solid Irish pub food, even if it did lean a little towards the bland side" - ... "Great food, music and atmosphere" - ... "Beautiful decor and great staff" - ... " Good Food , Great Atmosphere " - ... "Good, but not worth the price " -

"There were more Irish Accents in this Downtown Disney restaurant than you could shake a blackthorn stick at. The hostess/step dancer, floor manager and waitress were all gen-u-wine Irish imports...not a faith and begorrah between them." - Gina H, Miami FL

"Our dinner came and the Shepard's Pie was out of this world! We enjoyed the Irish music and step dancers as we ate and even got to make a request for a song." - Ryan P, Orlando FL

Fulton's Crab HouseFulton's Crab House

Fulton's Crab House (1670 North Buena Vista Drive, Lake Buena Vista, FL (407) 934-2628)

"Pros: great staff, convenient location " - ... " terrible food, terrible service, way overpriced " - ... " Great service, good location " - ... "The price was reasonable and the service was excellent" - ... " Worst food ever" - ... " A wonderful dining experience" - ... " The food was wonderful" - ... "Amazing Crab " -

"Yummy Yummy Yummy! The seafood at this Downtown Disney restaurant is definitely fresh from the ocean. I can taste the difference. It is a little bit pricier here but dude it's located in Downtown Disney so what do you expect? It is worth it though. You can find some of the best tasting crabs here. The portions are also fairly generous so even though the price per entree might seem a little high, they do try to make it worth it. The dungeness crabs and stone crab claws were delicious. Very sweet, very fresh, and lots of natural flavors. Oh, they also have this like crab dip that they serve with sesame crackers in the beginning (complimentary). Sooo goooood. This is one of the must try restaurants if you happen to take a stroll in Downtown Disney." - Jackie T, San Diego CA

House of Blues (1490 East Buena Vista Drive, Lake Buena Vista, FL (407) 934-2583)

"It has it all – spectacular food, outstanding service and atmosphere for days" - ... "Awful Staff and Customer Service, Horrible Security " - ... "Portions here are huge and prices very reasonable" - ... "Cool atmosphere..Fast Service " - ... "Its pricey and very lousy food" -

"The voodoo shrimp were FREAKING DELICIOUS. The shrimp were cooked well, and the sauce and rosemary cornbread with them are phenomenal. Probably the best single dish I have had to date in all of Disney... and only for $5!" - Michael H, Fairview Heights IL

"My parents got the Grouper Sandwich which was $10. My dad actually sniffed his fish after taking his first bite to see if it was rotten. They both said it was incredibly dry and that without the tarter sauce, it would have been barely edible. There was hardly any fish in the sandwich." - Irene F, Rockville MD

Bongos Cuban Cafe Downtown (1498 East Buena Vista Drive, Lake Buena Vista, FL (407) 828-0999)

"If they want to keep these prices, they should do better" - ... "What made it a memorably bad evening was the very unfriendly staff" - ... " A bit noisy, but worth trying Cuban cuisine!" - ... " Tourist Spot, Family Friendly, High Energy, Celeb Spotting, and Theme " - ... "Often Crowded " -

"You expect waiters to know what a cafe con leche is... The last time I went there, the waitress brought me black coffee and at first I was a little bit disappointed. I asked her if she could bring me milk and she brought me creamer... NOW I was just perplexed! Everybody at the table were hispanic and we were looking at each other with blank looks on our faces." - Louis R, Oviedo FL

"This Downtown Disney restaurant has decent food - the ceviche was a bit rubbery and could have been kicked up with some more herbs and peppers. The vaca frita was tender and good. The salt-cod fitters were like heavy rocks - could have been much lighter and more fish, less filler. The piccadillo - decent enough, but lacked depth of flavor. Like other reviewers, I get the feeling this place has been "dumbed down" for our Disney palates." - Juli M, Philadelphia PA

T-Rex - Orlando (1676 East Buena Vista Drive, Lake Buena Vista, FL (407) 828-8739)

"It was a fun, touristy, place to go – but the food really wasn't worth it" - ... "Menu items were expensive" - ... "The wait staff is so much fun and the food is delicious" - ... "The food is not bad, but definitely not worth the price" - ... "The dino-experience was a bit loud" -

"This place is awesome! My sister recommended it to me and then I took my friends. This Downtown Disney restaurant is all about the decor! It's amazing and a lot of the dinosaurs are animated so they move a little. You also get a meteor shower every 20 minutes so thats cool! Also the Ice Age room and Ocean-themed bar was so cool to look at." - Gabrielle G, Miami FL

"The menu choices were vast and the smell of meat filled the air. I opted for the Mushroom filled raviolis. Aesthetic as it was- it was as spectacular tasting as it was eye pleasing. The menu said spinach inside mixed with porcini mushrooms but I definitely tasted Basil. The pasta itself was the best cooked al dente I have had in a long time. The lobster sauce was rich and definitely not over powering. The quantity was perfect and didn't force me to be a glutton." - Frank N, Highland Park IL

Cap'n Jack's Restaurant (1780 E Buenavista Drive, Orlando, FL (407) 828-3971)

"This was the worst meal we've ever had, not just in DOwntown Disney, but in Orlando, period. Penne pasta was like Campbell's Tomato soup dumped over pasta. No flavor to the shrimp. Most expensive meal and least flavor. Would not recommend this place." -

"I'm surprised this establishment continues to thrive, it must be unsuspecting tourists keeping it going." - Nicole W, Denver CO

"The tuna sandwich lunch special was pretty strange. It wasn't bad, but it was strange. It probably didn't help that the ends of my bread were burnt and that the tomato slices were orange instead of the usual red." - Rayni K, Altamonte Springs, FL

Planet Hollywood (1506 East Buena Vista Drive, Lake Buena Vista, FL (407) 827-7827)

"Love the atmosphere…but the food is not good" - ... "We went Christmas weekend and expected a long delay and poor service" - ... "Good food, and good service" - ... "It is a fun atmosphere and friendly service" - ... "Food is uninteresting and mediocre" - ... "The prices aren't bad either" -

"As for the food. I just had a BBQ bacon burger. It was very good. Huge! The fries were a little on the plain side, but what can you do wrong with fries. Well they did something wrong with them anyway." Rodney B, Sterling VA

"If you want good food, a place to talk, go to some other restaurant in DOwntown Disney. Service was good and they accomodated our large group and even took all our coupons when it should have been only one per table. They try to please, but they can only do so much to get past the crazed ambiance and mass produced food menu." - Tim K, Laguna Niguel CA

Earl of Sandwich (1750 East Buena Vista Drive, Lake Buena Vista, FL (407) 938-1762)

"Good food and the smoothies are AMAZING!" - ... "The menu is made of nothing but delicious food for average FL prices" - ... "They serve warm subway sandwiches with a large selection to choose from!" - ... "Perfect portion size!!" - ... "Great food all around" - ... "Great lunch!" - ... "Unbelivable!" -

"The line was literally out the door and when inside, snaked around like a ride at the Magic Kingdom, but don't let that discourage you. We ordered in about 15 minutes despite the long line, and got our food another 5-10 minutes later. Considering we ate for less than $30 for a family of 3, including drinks and dessert, we scored big time." - Mel B, San Diego CA

"Always, always a long line for this Downtown Disney restaurant. For good reason too! The sandwiches are super amazing & cannot be beat. The prices are super low considering they're on Disney property. Tip: Most fast food on Disney property is extremely bad and tastes terrible....not to mention overpriced. This place is an exception in all regards." - Susan R, Orlando FL

Portobello Restaurant (1650 North Buena Vista Drive, Lake Buena Vista, FL (407) 938-9551)

"The food is perfect in portion, light, and very fresh" - ... " - "The service was bad" - ... "In addition, the atmosphere is nice but not amazing" - ... "They have great appetizers and excellent food & deserts" - ... "Abysmal service, lack luster food and a very bad experience" -

"The Pistachio Gelato at this Downtown Disney restaurant is worth the trip alone!!! Have searched all over for anything that would come close to it, but no such luck. Food is also great- couldn't find anything that matched this place in the whole dinsey area." -Shanna D, Hatboro, PA

"I did not go to this restaurant in Downtown Disney before because I read all the terrible reviews it has on the web. Then by chance I ended up in Downtown Disney for dinner and I have to say that this is a good italian restaurant, with very good service. I had a Caprese salad and black linguini and they were both very good. The service was fast and very friendly. So don't be misled, this place serves nice italian dishes in a nice family atmosphere." - Jose, St Louis MO

Rainforest Cafe (1780 East Buena Vista Drive, Orlando, FL (407) 827-8500)

"Thay have great food and service" - ... "The food is overpriced and mediocre" - ... "The atmosphere is casual yet energetic and fun" - ... "Over priced and not worth the wait" - ... "The menu can be tasty and creative, though somewhat overpriced" - ... "Great place to take the kids" -

"This is a fantastic restaurant if you are with children and looking for an experience you cannot find at any other restaurant. I really did feel like I was in a rainforest surrounded by animals... the animals are pretty realistic and are kind of scary in a cool way! Its a gorgeous themed restaurant with fun decor - bar stools decorated to look like animal backsides, large aquariums, luscious vegetation, and moving animals." - Sandra T, Toronto ON

"Used to really like Rainforest. Now I will not go back. The food has gone way down hill. It is nothing more then a tacky tourist trap. Come on do you really need to charge close to $10 for kids chicken fingers then have the nerve to not include the drink. Come On. Just for that reason I won't go again. Spend close to $100 for the family and didn't enjoy the meal at all." - Jason L, Wekiwa Springs FL

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